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One of the most important aspects of photography is understanding light. You can try to use available light (meaning the light in the room), or you can try to manipulate light by bringing in external lighting/modifiers. A lot of this comes down to style, it’s a matter of what you like. However, there are some situations where you just need to bring in external lighting and there are other situations, where understanding how to use external lighting might help you better communicate your artistic vision.

To that end, I really appreciated having the opportunity to work with Brandie Sunley of Edward Ross Photography over the summer (pictured above). A seasoned Calgary engagement photographer, Brandie had a whole bag of lighting bells and whistles that we got the chance to play with, everything from speedlights to strobes to pixel sticks.

Our first job shooting together it was raining… not ideal shooting or lighting conditions. But, Brandie was able to see the potential in using it as an intriguing visual element. The photo below is a perfect example of how she achieved this.

While I was mainly assisting on this shoot, I was also afforded the opportunity to practice some of my skills as a Calgary engagement photographer, which you can see in some of the other shots here. Priscilla and Vince were a super sweet, fun loving couple and I think that totally comes through in some of these photographs.


Brandie Sunley Photography

Photo Credit (above): Shot for Edward Ross Photography by associate Brandie Sunley

Cameron May Photography |

Cameron May Photography |

Cameron May Photography |


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